Services offered by CORPODERM are included with the purchase of Diasculpt equipment. They allow you to launch and develop your business with these new treatments of slimming and anti-ageing serenely. Enjoy the satisfaction of your customers, we take care of the rest !


Corpoderm assists you in acquiring your new technology and offers financing solutions tailored to your needs and your structure. Corpoderm surrounds itself with the best financng organizations of the aesthetic Market.


Maintenance and repairs of Diasculpt equipment is provided by Corpoderm after-sales service.
Each device is guaranteed for 1 year. A 24-month guarantee extension is possible under identical conditions to those initially fixed.
In case of intervention of more than 7 days of the workshop on your Diasculpt device, guarantee is extended accordingly.


Corpoderm assists you in the communication and promotion of your business by offering you turnkey tools. They are designed by the marketing and sales team and are updated regularly to help you make your communication evolve.

For purchase of equipment, receive a complete sales kit :

  • 100 customer brochures
  • 1 poster
  • 1 window showcase
  • An updated image database

Communication pack supplied with the device


OFNT / Dépil’Form is a training organization approved by DIRECCTE at registration number 73310650231.
This independent entity will provide you with theoretical training on infrared and its properties. As well as hands-on training on equipment, its use and applications. This training will allow you to master this new technology as a whole and will accompany you in launching this new activity.

In the event of changes to Diadermie's treatment protocols or additional needs on your part, OFNT will provide you with additional training.
This training can be personalized and take place in our training center or in your institute. The device can be installed during this training.

Diadermia training session provided by Depil'Form at Corpoderm's offices

For more information

Our sales department is at your disposal for your requests for quotes and / or additional information.

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