traitement minceur par diadermie avec diasculpt
rajeunissement par diadermie avec l'appareil Diasculpt
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La Diadermie®
Anti-ageing and Slimming Technique
Short Infrared : Combination of red light
and heat for a deep action
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No-consumables device
Maximum Profitability
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DIASCULPT®, Professional device of Diadermie®

Infrared care device

Diasculpt is a natural treatment device for the face and body. It is the world's unique technology for rejuvenation and slimming. Its action is based on the use of short infrared which penetrates into the hypodermis and stimulates the cells. It is now possible to maximize the benefits of short infrared by using this exclusive Corpoderm innovation. Its efficiency is proven by tests and clinical studies. Diasculpt will allow you to obtain immediate, visible and lasting results.

Anti-ageing and slimming treatment

Diasculpt has the exceptional ability to unclog adipocytes and release fatty acids through heat. The loss of centimeters is immediate and visible from the first session. Meanwhile, the red light acts on the production of collagen and elastin of the skin and stimulates the fibroblasts. Therefore, the quality and uniformity of the complexion are immediately improved and the skin is durably toned.

For body treatment, these two simultaneous actions have the real advantage of favorizing slimming while fighting against sagging skin.

Aesthetics or Healthcare Professionals

This unique and versatile technology is for both beauty professionals and healthcare professionals. Diasculpt offers many opportunities for Face and Body care. Effective and painless, anti-ageing and slimming treatments through Diadermie do not require anaesthesia or surgery.

Diasculpt® is an innovative equipment distributed exclusively by Corpoderm Healthcare Solutions


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